Why you must start your Content Marketing NOW for 2021.

What was your New Year Resolution(s) for this year? What were your business goals? Were you able to achieve them? Do you even remember it? How many did you achieve? Oh, it was the pandemic, is it? Cool, what about the last year?

Let’s give it a thought. Please realize it is so much important to execute ideas today more than ever. Not because of the Pandemic or the bad economy, it’s true even otherwise. Isn’t every day a new opportunity to try and do something?

“Isn’t every day a new opportunity to try and do something?”

I found this when I was trying to prove to my friends that resolutions are a waste of time. (I am partly right!)

One of the biggest reasons is because it’s hard to stick to it until it becomes a habit. That’s what we are going to address.

Most of us look at New Year as an opportunity for an entirely new life — hopefully, the one you always imagined. Logically, it’s just a change of the date, just that it happens once a year. So if you think about it, there’s more psychology to it more than anything. And psychology is personal. So maybe if we can consider a different perspective about this, would it make our lives any better?

Let’s not waste time thinking about the why nots and let’s focus on the why. Here’s a quickie on why you should act on your Content Marketing Strategy and other Business Goals for the next year now -

  1. Every new day offers a new chance to act on your dreams.

Again, it’s a change of the date. Just the day obviously, but did you notice it’s not going to come again anytime soon? Why wait for an unreasoned date to take Massive Determined Action? Let’s start tomorrow. Let’s not procrastinate and give up on our goals. Does your business need help with Content Marketing?

2. There’s still time for the New Year.

A little over 50 days to be precise. And that’s a lot of time. It also accounts for a lot in terms of productivity and sales. If you have ideas to implement, to grow your revenue and meet your targets for the next year, start now. This will give you the leverage to experiment with the ideas and chuck the ones not serving you. As Benjamin Franklin said, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” — Benjamin Franklin

3. You’re likely to be ahead and better than everyone

You’ve done customer surveys, you have a better analysis, a better prediction of the market scenario. You can plan your marketing strategy ahead, use budgets efficiently, and tell a better story. You’re always going to be ahead in research and development making you more adaptable in this ever-changing market.

The online marketing scene has leveled up to a whole new scale. If you are not betting on your business’s digital communication today, be prepared to wrap it up. May you need help with creating, shaping, and keeping your business’s online presence at its best, you should reach out to a Digital Agency that would do it better.

Seth Godin is my most favorite who has it right “Content Marketing is the only marketing that is left” and at SCD we live by it. If you need a content strategy, product photography, or a short video to explain the USP for your SaaS, need help with an amazing website, or digital marketing with a great strategy, we can help. Irrespective of needing our help or not, remember what’s most important is the Story you are trying to tell. Try your best to keep it simple, honest, and relatable to your audience.

“Content Marketing is the only marketing that is left” — Seth Godin

So start today. Now. Much before the New Year, much before others. Start today, so you can do the groundwork required. Start now, so you could have the time to think it out well. Start now so you know more than others. Act, because it’s your business and you need to impact your customers.

Let’s get going. Ring us up for a quick Strategy call right now.

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