What do you see when you look at people? You see how they look, how they behave, or their peculiar body language?

I see something different. I see years of preconditioning. I see imposed cultural behaviors and thought processes. I see the influence that influenced them. I can also take a good guess on where they are coming from and heading to.

It’s rare to see people who’ve built themselves up largely. To come across people who’ve unlearned everything, who can witness the influence upon them and selectively take it forward. …

Dr Verghese Kurien

To honor Dr Verghese Kurien, father of the White Revolution, 26th November is National Milk Day in India. He’s also the man behind Amul and here’s a short brief about it.

For those who didn’t know, Amul stands for Anand Milk Union Limited. Amul is headquartered at Anand, Gujarat, where it all began.

Amul is the biggest dairy cooperative in the World. In fact, it’s the biggest cooperative of any sort in the world.

India happens to be the largest producer and consumer of dairy products, majorly contributed by Amul, the World’s largest milk producer.

What makes it legendary is…

What was your New Year Resolution(s) for this year? What were your business goals? Were you able to achieve them? Do you even remember it? How many did you achieve? Oh, it was the pandemic, is it? Cool, what about the last year?

Let’s give it a thought. Please realize it is so much important to execute ideas today more than ever. Not because of the Pandemic or the bad economy, it’s true even otherwise. Isn’t every day a new opportunity to try and do something?

“Isn’t every day a new opportunity to try and do something?”

I found this…

Did you know that the world’s top brands don’t really change and Coke still tops the list? Every year, it’s the same list, it barely changes in a decade. What do you think keeps them so consistent? Think about this later.

There’s a new category in the town — Anti-virus. Today we have antivirus wall paints, fans, mouth spray, clothes, whatnot. Makes sense right, catching up on quick trends to do some flash sales doesn’t hurt too much. Or does it?

How about Anti-Virus Content Marketing? Neither am I kidding nor am I trying to ride this wave. You don’t…

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

It was a fun call with friends, but as we spoke more about work it began to seem less fun. This was not the first time, especially since the last couple of months, I’ve heard someone say this.

A recent study by Microsoft reported that about 35% of the surveyed employees feel disconnected from their co-workers. We know that this stat could go way up. This study also highlights other concerns related to the current work scenario.

Before this gets worse, companies need to step up and restore a sense of belonging among the employees. We must acknowledge the facts…

“You don’t know a single person on Earth that’s successful who didn’t put in the work” — Gary Vaynerchuk

Photo by Hayley Catherine on Unsplash

I have an image,
Of how I want to die.
It’s a grand funeral with so many,
All sobbing, but for me.

I realized I need to work,
For a funeral that grand,
Needs a life that’s grander,
And I must not stop, I thought.

I kept on moving,
From a task to task,
From a job to another,
For this goal to others.

And when life isn’t getting that grander,
Or not even a bit close. …

Like how they say, learning is a life long process, it literally is.

Photo by Mariam Soliman on Unsplash

It was clear and calm. My time has come. Luckily there was none available in the room to try and thump my heart or shock my chest. But something that shook me hard was what happened right before I was set free.

It was hard, it was also heartbreaking, may that’s also why I broke free.

Class 4, the teacher I disliked because she was too strict and would never let me be at peace, she liked me. That’s how she loved.

That neighbor who would never…

Well, I’m assuming it’s “her”.

Photo by Anna Vander Stel on Unsplash

“How old are you?” She asks.
“You tell me”, and I start.

I’m young enough to take a stranger out,
And old enough to hold the door for her.

I’m young enough to chat in abbreviations,
And old enough to sit down for a real conversation.

I’m young enough to post stories,
And old enough to write letters.

I’m young enough to think of more than one girl,
And old enough to know the only woman I need.

I’m young enough to join a school,
And old enough to start one too.

I’m young enough…

Disclaimer: You might find this stupid. Please consider reading something else. Also, this might work for any form of the creative process.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Remember: When you feel like you must, but you can’t, by all means, WRITE.

You have to understand, it’s the process of writing (or typing, rather?).

Just like now, I wanted to write, but I didn’t know what to, so I decided to write something that could help anyone who’s not really able to.

Ironically, I think the “writer’s block” doesn’t occur as often for the actual writers, but more often for so-called wannabe “writers” who try and…

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

Bored, Bored and Bored.

This is what you’ll hear from anyone who’s not personally affected yet, besides whining about the lockdown and waiting for it to be done.

We’re agreeing with each other about how hard this is and laughing about it.
In fact, lockdown is a reflection of your lifestyle and routine. If it’s boring, it’s you, if it’s keeping you in shape, it’s your routine.

But did you ever think? What is this Lockdown and why is this for? Can we bring another perspective into our conversations? Absolutely, I say.

I’m not talking anything about the what, why…

Sai Vishwanath

Trying to do something good enough to make my Bio look impressive.

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